Emory Law Journal 58:2 (2008)


Emory Law Journal, 58:2 (2008)

The 2008 Randolph W. Thrower Symposium — Legal Science: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the Use and Misuse of Science in the Law

Thomas O. McGarity, Corporate Accountability for Scientific Fraud: Ketek and the Perils of Aggressive Agency Preemption, 58 EMORY L.J. 287 (2008)

Katherine L. Gross & Gary G. Mittelbach, What Maintains the Integrity of Science: An Essay for Nonscientists, 58 EMORY L.J. 341 (2008)

Joni Hersch, Skin Color Discrimination and Immigrant Pay, 58 EMORY L.J. 357 (2008)

David E. Adelman, The Challenge of Abrupt Climate Change for U.S. Environmental Regulation, 58 EMORY L.J. 379 (2008)

Lisa Heinzerling, Thrower Keynote Address: The Role of Science in Massachusetts v. EPA, 58 EMORY L.J. 411 (2008)

William H. Schlesinger, An Ecologist’s Thoughts on Forests and Farms in a Cap-and-Trade System, 58 EMORY L.J. 423 (2008)

Julie A. Seaman, Black Boxes, 58 EMORY L.J. 427 (2008)

Erin Murphy, The Art in the Science of DNA: A Layperson’s Guide to the Subjectivity Inherent in Forensic DNA Typing, 58 EMORY L.J. 489 (2008)


John P. Figura, You’re in the Army Now: Borrowed Servants, Dual Servants, and Torts Committed by Contractors’ Employees in the Theaters of U.S. Military Operations, 58 EMORY L.J. 513 (2008)

Gabrielle Marie D’Adamo, Separatism in the Age of Public School Choice: A Constitutional Analysis, 58 EMORY L.J. 547 (2008)

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