ConTwittering Opinions, Part II

Here at Concurring Opinions, we know that the customer reader is always sometimes right. We live to serve blog. And with those thoughts in mind, we continue our seamless rather clunky forward motion into the wonderful occasionally glitchy world of Web 2.0 1.5 or so, with the following announcements:

-Do you like following your blogs on Twitter? Then you’ll love ConTwittering Opinions. All the Concurring Opinions content that you could ever want — at least, the first 100 letters of each post, plus a link to the post itself — in a handy-dandy Twitter feed. No cost or obligation. (Send your good karma to the nice folks at who make it possible.)

-Do you prefer to follow your blogs on Facebook? Then you’ll love ConFacebooking Opinions. All of the Concurring Opinions content that you could ever want — at least, the title of every post (once we get ten readers, which we’re one shy of, and once the feed starts working) — in a handy-dandy Facebook NetworkedBlogs group. Plus, a Facebook group wall for you to write on. No cost or obligation. Send your good karma to . . . hmm. I think that the Facebook zillionaires can probably buy all the karma that they need. But definitely send some karma to Frank, for setting up the group.

-Do you prefer to follow your blogs on RSS? You’re in luck, pilgrim. We have what is known as an RSS feed. You can see it on the bottom left column. Or, just type the blog name into your Google Reader or Bloglines. Or, click here. (97% of you already knew this.)

-Do you prefer to read your blogs printed out on dead trees? You’re in luck, pilgrim. Our new service, Concurring Opinions On Dead Tree (COODT), will allow you to do just that. For a mere $29.99 a month, we will have our intrepid assistant print up every Co-Op post for that month (plus comments!) and snail-mail them to you, imprinted forever on genuine dead trees. Your very own binder clip included. Hurry, operators are standing by. (We, um, don’t have any actual subscribers for COODT, and I doubt we ever will. But if anyone really wants to shell out $30 for a print-and-ship service, we could probably be convinced to make it happen.)

Okay, what are we missing? How do you readers want to follow Co-Op? What are you looking for that we haven’t yet added? If it’s simple and inexpensive, we can try to add it.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Gowder says:

    I want a personal wake-up call with the day’s headlines every morning. Can you do it for me? 🙂

  2. Kaimi — How about providing a live stage reading of Concurring Opinions in a Shakespearean style? Please set up a YouTube channel and create a video of yourself delivering each Concurring Opinions post. Thanks.

  3. dave hoffman says:

    I’d like to see the blog translated into modern art. I can see it now: Frank’s, a red-hot, riotous, wall of passionate color; Solove, a large eye watching us from a jar of formaldehyde; me, a ticker running random numbers attaching to a graph purporting to make sense of them, etc.