List of Financial Regulation Conferences?

Financial regulation conferences are regularly held year in and year out by numerous organizations, including universities, throughout the world. But the current economic crisis seems to have caused a spike in the number and diversity of these gatherings. This may reflect how complex the current situation is.

A complete account of the precise causes of the ongoing crisis remains elusive. True, unregulated financial instruments seem to have contributed to excessive liquidity that fueled a speculative price bubble in many housing markets. But exact contours of the dynamics and the role of other forces remain uncertain.

In addition, the full consequences of these precipitating causes have not yet even manifested let alone been resolved. Billions of dollars of unregulated financial instruments remain outstanding, un-matured, and prospects for increasing default levels remain.

Efforts to mitigate or reverse the costs of the crisis, including the Treasury-Congress’s various interventions, are not working well or quickly. Additional support for the auto industry remains a political and economic challenge. Ultimately, therefore, most policy reforms designed to prevent or alleviate recurrences are necessarily made cautiously.

It is not surprising that there should be a proliferation of conferences probing the fundamental issues underlying all of this. It could be helpful to have a complete list of upcoming conferences. A short list appears below (concentrating on those with US, academic and/or law attributes). It would be wonderful if readers would use the comment feature to mention any other scheduled conferences with such attributes.

University of Maryland (held October 3, 2008)

Labaton Sucharow (December 12, 2008)*

Ohio State (March 6, 2009) (called The Crash of 2008)

University of Glasgow (March 30-31, 2009) (called The Future of Financial Regulation)

George Washington University (April 2-4, 2009) (called The Panic of 2008)

Law and Society (two panels at annual meeting, tentatively called Markets, Law and Regulation: After Crisis What?) (May 30-31, 2009)


* The Labaton conference is not being widely advertised but promises a great deal. The flyer for it notes: “In perhaps what is the most important issue for the United States and the global economy, this one-day symposium with some of the country’s foremost experts will focus on the future regulatory landscape of the financial markets.”

Panels include:

(1) roles of the SEC, Federal Reserve, CFTC and states in coming regulatory redesign;

(2) regulation and trading of credit default swaps and other derivatives;

(3) fair value accounting; and

(4) short selling.

Participants include:

Harvey Goldschmid (Columbia), Michael Greenberger (Maryland), Joel Seligman (Rochester), Lynn Turner (former SEC Chief Accountant), William Donaldson (former SEC Chair and New York Stock Exchange CEO); Eric Dinallo (NY Insurance Department), Steven Harris (PCOAB), Charles Niemeier (PCAOB), Mary Schapiro (FINRA), Thomas Panther (SunTrust Bank), Floyd Norris (NY Times), and me.

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5 Responses

  1. Mike Zimmer says:

    Professor Elizbeth Warren hit the nail on the head the other day when quoted by the Times: The cause of all the other economic problems is, to paraphrase, that we no longer have a middle class that provides families with a middle class income and therefore lifestyle. Family income for most has declined and, as a nation, we have run out of available credit to borrow money to maintain a middle class life.

  2. Miriam Cherry says:

    Larry, are these panels/speakers just for the Labaton conference or are they for all the conferences? What is on for the AALS?

  3. Lawrence Cunningham says:


    My list here is just for the the Labaton conference. The formal AALS progrma doesn’t show anything special on this topic, but my guess is a hot topics segement should be on.


  4. Alex says:

    Could you provide some more information about the Labaton conference (e.g., location, whether it’s too late to register, cost)? I can’t find any information about it online, and a phone call to the firm hasn’t yet been returned.


  5. Alex says:

    I did receive a return call from Labaton Sucharow. It is still possible to attend, and if you’re interested (or just want to see the agenda), e-mail Stacey Szluka (