Fundraising Creativity

can drive 2.jpg

When times are tough, it seems especially important to remember those who rely on others for their well-being. For organizations that support those people, this means attention to fund-raising. In prosperous times, funding often seems relatively easy to generate, compared to recessionary times, when otherwise generous people opt to tighten belts and make charitable giving a first line casualty. In such periods, fund-raisers need to be creative. One way that happens is through visual imagery that compels remembering the less fortunate.

Among the inspired efforts in this season’s fund-raising efforts is the accompanying poster from a campaign for a can drive, a popular fund-raising method. This campaign, called Yes We Can, is for a middle school in New York City, Rodeph Sholom School. It taps into the prevailing thirst for optimism in the nation, reflected in President-elect Obama’s election campaign, while playfully evoking Warhol’s pop artistry. It also conveys a civics lesson to the students, parents and other community members being targeted. It was created by a teacher at the school, math and digital art whiz, Jonathan Cuba.

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