New York University Law Review, 83:5 (November 2008)

New York University Law Review

Volume 83 November 2008 Number 5


Evidence-Based Judicial Discretion: Promoting Public Safety Through State Sentencing Reform

The Honorable Michael A. Wolff


The Unconscionability Game: Strategic Judging and the Evolution of Federal Arbitration Law

Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl

The Upside of Overbreadth

Samuel W. Buell


Using Structural Interdicts and the South African Human Rights Commission To Achieve Judicial Enforcement of Economic and Social Rights in South Africa

Mitra Ebadolahi

How To Fix the Inconsistent Application of Forum Non Conveniens to Latin American Jurisdiction—And Why Consistency May Not Be Enough

Rajeev Muttreja

Providing Effective Remedies to Victims of Abuse by Peacekeeping Personnel

Catherine E. Sweetser

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