See this image? It is a true screen capture of the page for the United States. Yesterday morning while John Scalzi and I were chatting, a question came up about the United States. He went to Wikipedia and this was the page. By the time I went to it, it had been changed back to its normal state. So this small event shows the speed of the Wikipedia world.

It also allows me to note as John did, “I disagree with this assessment, incidentally” with a caveat: prove the joker incorrect. STOP READING THIS BLOG! VOTE! Vote Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, write-in a Martian, but vote. It’s one more way to show that the image is just plain wrong.

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1 Response

  1. owl says:

    It should be noted that not all articles are created equal when it comes to the “speed of the Wikipedia world.”

    Vandalism on a page like “United States” would get reverted very quickly, but vandalism might exist longer on the page of a more obscure topic, or if it’s subtle (like changing a statistic), it might go unnoticed.

    That said, it’s still funny to look something up on Wikipedia and see that in the body of the article.

    That said, I already voted, which is why I have so much time on my hands.