Duke Law Journal April 2008 Issue


Volume 57 April 2008 Number 6


Is It Wrong to Sue for Rape?

Tom Lininger

The Right’s Reasons: Constitutional Conflict and the Spread of Woman-Protective Anti-Abortion Argument

Reva B. Siegel

Economic Foundations of Intellectual Property Rights

Joseph E. Stiglitz

In Defense of Prometheus: Some Ethical, Economic, and Regulatory Issues of Sports Doping

Richard A. Posner

The Problem of Doping

Doriane Lambelet Coleman and James E. Coleman, Jr.


The Costs of Perceived Hypocrisy: The Impact of U.S. Treatment of Foreign Acquisitions of Domestic Enterprises

Destiny Duron Deas

Assessing the Constitutionality of the Alien Terrorist Removal Court

John Dorsett Niles

Cell Phone Ringtones: A Case Study Exemplifying the Complexities of the Section 115 Mechanical License of the Copyright Act of 1976

Daniel M. Simon

The Shadows of Future Generations

Matthew W. Wolfe

Retrieve All Pieces

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