Boston College Law Review, Issue 49:5 (November 2008)

Boston College Law Review, Issue 49:5 (November 2008)


Marc O. DeGirolami, The Problem of Religious Learning, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 1213 (2008) [PDF]

Ruth Mason, Made in America for European Tax: The International Consistency Test, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 1277 (2008) [PDF]

Richard E. Myers II, Responding to the Time-Base Failures of the Criminal Law Through a Criminal Sunset Amendment, 49 B.C. L. Rev 1327 (2008) [PDF]

Douglas G. Smith, The Constitutionality of Civil Commitment and the Requirement of Adequate Treatment, 49 B.C. L. Rev 1383 (2008) [PDF]


Michael K. Avery, Whose Rights? Why States Should Set the Parameters for Federal Honest Services Mail and Wire Fraud Protections, 49 B.C. L. Rev 1431 (2008) [PDF]

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