Beware of Visiting the Volokh Conspiracy

Beware of visiting the Volokh Conspiracy, as Orin Kerr has promulgated new terms of service. If you access the site contravening any of these terms, according to the prosecution theory in the Lori Drew case, you’ve committed a federal crime. One of Orin’s terms is that you can’t be a federal employee to access the Volokh Conspiracy. So if the prosecutor in the Lori Drew case were to access the blog, I sure hope he wouldn’t be a hypocrite and would bring a prosecution against himself!

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3 Responses

  1. Quidpro says:

    Great post and congratulations to Orin Kerr and his colleagues at Volkh for having the wit to lampoon the government speech police. Lori Drew’s actions were reprehensible. She is sick. But the prosecutor went too far. If not corrected on appeal, then Congress should amend the statute.

  2. A.W. says:

    mmm… the jihad against the law continues. sorry, but it only becomes a problem if anyone is planning to committ a tort. And in that case, i stop caring if you get in trouble.

    Could this threaten the “wild west” nature of the web. maybe. and can anyone explain to me why that would be a bad thing?

  3. JP says:

    A.W. —

    “jihad against the law” ????

    It only becomes a felony if anyone is planning to commit a tort. If you aren’t, it’s still a misdemeanor.