William & Mary Law Review, Issue 50:1 (Oct. 2008)



Larry Alexander & Saikrishna B. Prakash, Tempest in an Empty Teapot: Why the Constitution Does Not Regulate Gerrymandering

Colleen V. Chien, Patently Protectionist? An Empirical Analysis of Patent Cases at the International Trade Commission

Michael S. Knoll, The Taxation of Private Equity Carried Interests: Estimating the Revenue Effects of Taxing Profit Interests as Ordinary Income

Nancy Morawetz, Rethinking Drug Inadmissibility

Giovanna Shay & Christopher Lasch, Initiating a New Constitutional Dialogue: The Increased Importance Under AEDPA of Seeking Certiorari from Judgments of State Courts


David C. Holman, Death by a Thousand Cases: After Booker, Rita, and Gall, the Guidelines Still Violate the Sixth Amendment

Meghaan Cecilia McElroy, Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law: But Who Really Owns a Church’s Property in the Wake of a Religious Split Within a Hierarchical Church?

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