The Yale Law Journal Pocket Part: Call for Papers


The Yale Law Journal Pocket Part is seeking commentaries and essays on the ethical issues presented by the duty of confidentiality in the attorney-client relationship. In particular, we seek submissions discussing the potential conflict between a lawyer’s duty to guard a client’s communications and his or her obligation to disclose those communications to prevent harm to third parties. Submissions may address, but need not be limited to, the implications for client confidentiality and protection in the corporate setting, the public interest context—including strategic litigation and direct legal services—and government service.

Scholarly and practitioner submissions that advance a novel perspective or proposal related to the ethical aspects of this topic are encouraged in any area of law or policy. Pieces submitted should be timely, and should also address any relevant literature and developments in the field.

Submissions should be around 1500 words including footnotes. We encourage authors to write in a style accessible to policy-makers and practitioners. For a detailed style guide and instructions for submitting your piece, please visit our website,, and follow the link for “Submissions.”

The deadline for submissions is November 20, 2008

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