News for Civil Procedure Fans

During the fall semester, my civil procedure class covers personal jurisdiction. While most personal jurisdiction cases tend towards the staid, Calder v. Jones provides some possibility for fun. As my comrades in civil-procedure arms will know, the case involves a defamation suit brought by Shirley Jones, the mother from the Partridge Family. Every semester, this connection has great promise to generate some good cheer about the case, but of late I have been disappointed. This year, I desperately asked: “Don’t you remember the Music Man? or the Partridge Family?” (I thought about singing “I think I love you” but thankfully I ignored that foolish impulse). All I got was blank stares, a clear sign that I am helplessly unhip. My disappointment, however, may come to an end: NBC has just announced plans to reinvent the Partridge Family for prime-time television. Now, I just have to hope that my future students tune in. Amidst all of terrible news about the economy, this may lift spirits, even momentarily for civil procedure fans.

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3 Responses

  1. Colin Miller says:

    Yeah, when I mention the case, the Shirley Jones reference usually falls on deaf ears, but then I mention that the Partridge Family also starred Danny Bonaduce, and students seem to know his name, probably based upon the recent VH1 show, “Breaking Bonaduce.”

  2. Danielle Citron says:

    What a great tip, Colin. Thanks so much!

  3. Kaifi Jamil says:

    I actually saw a few episodes of the Partridge Family when I was growing up, just because it happened to be on Nick at Night…but back then I hadn’t noticed that the actress’ name was Shirley Jones.

    I guess there are a few classic shows everyone should know like this one and Bewitched, Dennis the Menace, Leave it to Beaver, and so on. And more recently I think there was 7th Heaven. But it seems that in the 21st century that kind of “family TV” will be antiquated!