A Taxonomy of Legal Blog Postings

They say that blogging is like bicycling, you never forget how it’s done. Actually, they don’t say that about blogging; I just made that up, and I have no idea who “they” are, (although “they” seem very influential on the subject of clichés). In any event, I want to thank Dan, Dave, et al for having me back as a guest for the month of October. So, being a regular reader/contributor both here on ConOp and over at Prawfs, didya ever notice that you can characterize the most common types of blog posts into major categories?:

* Heller Bailout Palin. (Actually sounds like a name that Palin would bestow upon a child).

*How about the use of those laptops in class? No? Don’t want to start that one up again? C’mon.

*Scholarship v. Teaching? (Yes, that old saw).

*Rigor? Anyone? Rigor Mortis?

*I need to hype my article/book.

*I need to hype someone else’s article/book.

*I need to hype a conference.

*I need to hype myself.

*I am full of hype.

*I am going to hyperventilate.

*Do you wear a suit to class? (apologies to my fellow guest blogger Susan Scafidi).

*Found this really interesting news story/book/movie clip that is only tangentially related to law, but will probably make you laugh. (Mea culpa)

* Allusions to partner/Cuteness of children or pet (Subtext: make the partners/children/animal feel better about the fact that they are blog widows/widowers/orphans/are no longer walked adequately, have proper squeaky toys, but are still not allowed on the couch).

*Isn’t the city/obscure town where I live odd/provincial/hopelessly boring/has no one to date? (Subtext: Anyone looking for laterals or visitors?)

*Rant about poor customer service (Subtext: really annoyed!)

*Theoretical posting that only Patrick S. O’Donnell has read enough to understand.

*Actual post about legal issues (yes, some of those too : )

I’m sure ya’ll can help me by adding more categories to the list. To quote the band Barenaked Ladies, or perhaps T.S. Eliot in the Wasteland, or the founders of postmodernism, “it’s all been done before…” Sorry if this dredges up topics that you thought had shuffled off to a relaxing retirement in Hawaii.

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  1. You left off metablogging — the category of this very post.