William & Mary Law Review, Issue 49:6 (May 2008)



Owen D. Jones & Sarah F. Brosnan, Law, Biology, and Property: A New Theory of the Endowment Effect

Stephen A. Saltzburg & Daniel J. Capra, The Unrecognized Right of Criminal Defendants to Admit Their Own Pretrial Statements

Jim Hawkins, Renting the Good Life

Timothy J. Holbrook, Extraterritoriality in U.S. Patent Law

Wren Cross Controversy

Gerard V. Bradley, Religion at a Public University

Erwin Chemerinsky, Why Church and State Should Be Separate


Jocelyn Kempema, Imitation is the Sincerest Form of … Infringement?: Guitar Tabs, Fair Use and the Internet

Bin Wang, All Bark and No Bite: A Modern Evidentiary Argument for the Retirement of the Age-Old Pennsylvania Rule

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