Waffle, Flip-Flop, and Signs of Armageddon

Hieronymus_Bosch_089.jpgWhew. McCain is going to the debate. No more, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, this whole economic problem is about ME, ME, ME. Then again there are a few debates to go so anything is possible. I used to say between Obama, Clinton, and McCain I was happy for the country. Of course I have one I think is the best, but if any of them won, I thought the country was going to have some good leadership. For the record I like Bush senior. The man went as far as international law allowed and raised taxes when he had to do so and knew it might bite him later. McCain’s slide from someone with a philosophy to a pandering, madman is just sad. And yes he is flip-flopping, waffling and so on. Just watch

Maybe it isn’t his fault. After all, when the headlines on a web page with 300 million readers a month offers McCain Will Attend Debate (which should not be a story unless manufactured by grandstanding; see the video above to understand this point), Chinese Gymnast Explains Age Controversy, Why Space Tourist Wants His $21 MILLION Back, WaMu Collapse Is Largest U.S. Bank Failure Ever, Man Crosses English Channel On Jet-Propelled Wing, Congress Restarts Troubled Bailout Talks, and Facebook Profiles Can Reveal Narcissism Study Suggests, maybe such moves are the only way to get attention.

And as predictions are in vogue: A NeoPunk Rock movement will surge as people express anger at idiocy (see also Burn After Reading) and marathon dancing will return but as a reality show (which are in a way marathon dancing updated).

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3 Responses

  1. Patrick S. O'Donnell says:

    McCain’s statements and behavior of late have been ever more troubling. Matt Welch, in today’s LA Times, may have hit upon the source of these disturbing signs from the Republican presidential candidate:

    And when a candidate confuses his own political ambitions with the fortunes of his country, that’s when Great Men turn into self-parodies.

    “I have craved distinction in my life,” McCain wrote in his 2002 political memoir, “Worth the Fighting For.” “I have wanted renown and influence for their own sake. That is, of course, the great temptation of public life. … I have never been able to conquer it permanently, but I have tried.”

    Don’t say he didn’t warn us.

    See: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-welch26-2008sep26,0,5641824.story

  2. Deven says:

    Patrick, thanks much. That is, well, as you say, we have been warned. I think in one of the Dune series (God Emperor) the main character says distrust those who seek power for power’s sake. They are not interested in serving the people.

  3. rconway says:

    As far I know Obama and Mc Cain both having similar votes.And if Obama wins he will be the younger to become a president. Mc Cain behaviour is little bit more trouble. Hope good president will be elected for U.S. by the democracy.


    Ricky Conway