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I think about teaching and the business of education often. Indeed, that is probably why I felt compelled to organize Madisonian’s Mobblog on Legal Education. When I saw that yesterday’s NY TImes Sunday Magazine was devoted to teaching, I did something I have not done in some time. I bought the paper. It tantalized with a hint that law would be covered, but that was just a review of Obama as a law professor. And in a nod to McCain a review of how the Naval Academy has changed was also in the issue. There was some space devoted to download academia (although the article highlights the great material from M.I.T. and other East Coast schools, ignoring Berkeley’s offerings seemed weak (and yes I attended Cal, but this view is based on checking iTunes U and finding that Cal’s offerings were better than the rest other than M.I.T. I especially recommend anything Hubert Dreyfus teaches). For those interested in teaching evaluations, this article has some stories and studies of note.

Perhaps the best piece for professors was X=50 Semesters by Manil Suri. Prof. Suri is mathematics professor but hits the ups and downs of professor life rather well. For me, it captured some of what I have experienced and gave a glimpse of what is to come. If at some point I am fortunate enough to have the prespective Suri has, it will have been a good career.

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  1. Jason W. says:

    He’s a math teacher, but he describes the teaching life well? Ouch!