Saturday Night Live Parody of Palin and Clinton

Here’s a clip of last night’s Saturday Night Live parody of Sarah Balin and Hillary Clinton. It’s quite funny. Tina Fey does a terrific Palin impression.

Perhaps Obama could switch from Joe Biden to Tiny Fey as his running mate, and then we could focus again on Obama vs. McCain.

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2 Responses

  1. It’s worth noting that they had to bring in Tina Fey for this bit. Current cast member Casey Wilson does look a bit Palinish herself, but the producers decided that she lacked the requisite experience.

  2. Jon Roland says:

    Even better would be for Palin to appear on SNL doing a parody of herself. She would be good at it, win more votes, and SNL would win the ratings for their timeslot.

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