Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:5 (October 2008)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:5 (October 2008)

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Unexplainable on Grounds of Race: Doubts about Yick Wo

Gabriel J. Chin

Revisiting Yick Wo v. Hopkins

David E. Bernstein

On Precedent and Progeny: A Response to Professor Gabriel J. Chin’s “Doubts about Yick Wo

Lenese C. Herbert

Yick Wo Re-Revisted: Nonblack Nonwhites and Fourteenth Amendment History

Thomas W. Joo

Unexplainable on Grounds of Race – a Reply to Comments

Gabriel J. Chin

Warming Up to User-Generated Content

Edward Lee


Daniel S. Medwed

The Economic Bias in Tort Law

Ronen Perry

Living Together: The Roots of Respect

Martha Nussbaum


Surviving Rodriguez: The Viability of Federal Equal Protection Claims by Underfunded Charter Schools

Greg Rubio

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