cyber crime newsletter

The National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law (at the University of Mississippi) jointly publishes with the National Association of Attorneys General a newsletter on cybercrime. Its FREE. The newsletters describe current developments, legislative action, corporate initiatives, and court cases, and contain informative articles. Its published six times a year and sent by email attachment. You can read the current and past issues at, which also gives you information on how to receive it. Here’s what is in a typical issue:


An introduction to Virtual Worlds and Second Life

Social networking sites immune under CDA

Expectation of privacy in computer on military base

Fourth Amendment and use of GPS devices

Does sending hyperlink to child pornography constitute distribution?

School discipline for derogatory blog v. First Amendment

Search incident to arrest – delayed search of cell phone

California, Missouri enact cyber harassment laws

The NCJRL website also contains information regarding upcoming conferences and events, educational programs, and publications that examine important criminal law and procedure issues.

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