Cornell Law Review, Volume 93 Number 6 (September 2008)


Cornell Law Review, Volume 93 Number 6 (September 2008)


Federal Search Commission?  Access, Fairness, and Accountability in the Law of Search
Oren Bracha & Frank Pasquale


Swap Meet: Introducing the Framers to Nader’s Traders Through Porter v. Bowen

Eric J. Finkelstein

Judging Without the Facts: A Schematic for Reviewing State Secrets Privilege Claims

Michael H. Page


Discussing David Luban’s Legal Ethics and Human Dignity

Prosecuting the Jena Six
Anthony V. Alfieri

Structure and Integrity
Susan Carle

The Human Dignity of Clients
Katherine R. Kruse

The Past, Present, and Future of Legal Ethics: Three Comments for David Luban
William H. Simon

The Rule of Law in Action: A Defense of Adversary System Values

Norman W. Spaulding

Legal Ethics as “Political Moralism” or the Morality of Politics

W. Bradley Wendel

The Inevitability of Conscience: A Response to My Critics
David Luban

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