ConTwittering Opinions?

It’s been interesting to watch the GlomTwittering (TwitGlommering?) experiment over the past few months. It’s different to see the advent of ambient awareness popping up on a familiar legal blog. And it does add an interesting dimension to my perception of the GlomTwitterers. (Who knew that Gordon spent so much time thinking about cheese? Oh, wait.)

Is this the wave of the future? Should we start thinking about ConTwittering over here? I have to admit, I’m a little skeptical. For one thing, I’m not sure what I would Twitter about, anyway. (“Kaimi is blogging, again” — is that really interesting or useful?) Another downside — I’m not sure I always _want_ to announce my status to everyone. Students might realize that I’m procrastinating grading their exams for no good reason.

In general, what do folks think of the sometimes mundane, sometimes interesting life snippets that show up on Twitter (at the Glom, or in general)? Are these useful tidbits? Strange?

A friend of mine wondered over at her blog a few months back, what would happen if everyone had a Facebook status bar (or by extension, a Twitter feed) on their forehead.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if I could wear a sign on my forehead that said “Yes, I know I stink, but I grabbed the wrong tank top this morning.” These kinds of signs could come in handy. Especially this one – “I know I’m being a jerk, but I’m feeling fragile and insecure today. Please ignore me”. The forehead signs could be like the status lines on gtalk or Facebook. Because sometimes it would be nice to announce your mood to the world without actually having to announce your mood to the world, you know?

That would be interesting. I could just glance at my co-workers or students and see, “Sally is going to her sister’s wedding this weekend,” “Mark is sad to see the Brewers fading,” “Ann is listening to the White Stripes,” “Jack is getting his butt kicked by his new yoga class.” Or perhaps, “Gordon is sitting in a hotel room in Madison with a gorgeous view of the Capitol.”

So there’s another potential benefit — sometimes it is nice to make announcements in a more passive way. I don’t know if that’s enough to sway me — and I definitely don’t need yet another time wasting application — but it is an intriguing thought. I’m still not sure, though.

What _do_ folks think of the Twitter revolution? Pure time waste; annoying; enlightening; community-building; all of the above?

(And in case anyone’s wondering, “Kaimi is blogging. Again.”)

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2 Responses

  1. David Zaring says:

    We’re just obsessed with delivering content in all the modern ways, Kaimi…..

  2. Well, a good word should be said about the EFFICIENT LAYOUT that short headlines provide. Twitter is one way to do that (through forced 140-character postings), but good webzine layout is another. RSS does it as well, but a well-designed website (think Slate) is much more enjoyable to read than an RSS feed.

    (Twitter, of course, also encourages the brevity of reaction to a news link…)

    The blog ethos is to flood the readers with huge updates so that the readers are forced to follow the site regularly to track what’s new. It would be nice, given the frequency of CoOp postings from multiple contributors, to see a summary view on the front page (again, think Slate.)