Concurring Opinions Is Now Too Big To Fail

In light of Dan’s recent post, it seems worthwhile to note that Concurring Opinions, like A.I.G. and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac before it, is now too big too fail. We expect that should our blogging rate slow, or the general market conditions to lead to a run on our host, the Feds will step in ensure market stability.

Indeed, in light of our strict observation of our reporting requirements, we should say that we, like Warren Buffet, may seek further acquisitions and growth as a way to make it through this crisis.

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3 Responses

  1. Bruce Boyden says:

    You should at least get access to the discount window.

  2. Samir Chopra says:

    Hey, just today, I was looking at a paper I was working on, and I said “this is too big to fail”, and would you believe it, a wad of $100 bills came and smacked me on the head.

  3. Kaimi says:

    In case anyone from the Fed is reading this and is wondering whether to offer us $85 billion in exchange for an 80% interest in Co-Op —

    Yeah, I think we could probably all be convinced. But only because we’re all very nice people who wouldn’t want to destabilize global markets.