Barack Obama, meet . . . Barack Obama

After two weeks of watching our economy implode, taking your retirement plan, your bonus, and the value of your home down the toilet, you people need a little comic relief. That’s what I’m here for. For those who haven’t been listening closely to their NPR, it turns out that there are at least eight Barack Obamas running for election in Brazil this year. Yes, you heard that right. Under Brazilian law, it turns out, candidates are allowed to run for office under any name, as long as it’s not offensive. So eight aspiring politicos, including a former air conditioner salesman and a man claiming a resemblance to Obama (but not actually bearing one), have officially changed their names in hope that it will bring them victory in October’s municipal elections. According to a very fun but very unscientific poll by The Economist, Brazilian voters would hand victory to Obama over McCain, and one re-named candidate saw his popularity rise (from third place to a tie for first) after changing his name. What’s that you were saying about lipstick on a pig?

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5 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    in a milder version of this game, in Washington the Republican gubernatorial candidate (Dino Rossi?) is running with the party affiliation “GOP”–he apparently does not want to be associated with the word “Republican.”

  2. NYC says:

    Funny. Good Luck to all Obamas world wide.

  3. Ray woodall says:

    Barack Obama is not to be trusted. If you look at his connection to weathering under ground,accorn, Rev. Wright. Louis farrcan said Obama was the christ. one of his first goals is to make in the military. the bible calls homos. dogs. Obama plan calls a 10% reduction in defence spending.pull all troops out of Iraq. Why would we wan’t to leave in defeat’like we did in vietnam.Obama tax increase will effect half of all small business’s 64% of american’s work for small businesses. Say what you want about Bush but he didn’t create the money problem’s we face. Greeded wall street caused the promblem. Barney Frank is in bed with fannie mae,he caused to make risky loan’s. Barney and Obama received kick backs from fannie mae along with Dodd. Mc Cain is not best choice to be in the White House but he is better than Obama. we can not afford a tax increase in this day and time. Don’t just watch NBC TV, watch fox also. NBC is left as you can go.What we need is some one we can trust not to raise taxes.Veto pork barrel spending,Obama in office and his friends in the house and senate is to much.

  4. Hayley says:

    i admire Barack Obama because he is very charismatic and he is liberal minded…

  5. MelatoninFaq says:

    Barack Obama for me is the most charismatic president to be ever elected. He also makes great decisions, for example in the ecomomic stimulus package to counter the effects of recession.