Untanned, Rested, and Ready

nixon06_thumb.jpgHello, all. It’s a pleasure to be back after what turned out to be an extended post-Heller hiatus. I spent the summer writing articles on the Second Amendment after Heller. (I’ll post drafts soon.) I also spent a couple of weeks just lolling around dazed, hiding from the amazing wave of relentless 103+ F heat we had in Oklahoma; drinking cider, listening to pre-Hagar VH and trying to metabolize as coolly as possible.

I feel out of sorts without SCOTUS to blog on — to kick around anymore, as it were. While we await the first Monday in October, I reserve the right to talk about stuff that happened last Term, such as Justice Souter’s big punitive damages opinion in Exxon v. Baker, which is a fascinating rhetorical performance — an example of how to write an aggressive, innovative opinion at an even, low emotional temperature that almost makes it seem mundane. Useful trick, that.

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