So Long, and Thanks for All the Poems

This post marks the end of my guest-blogging stint here at Concurring Opinions. It’s been very fun for me. The best part has been the comments, which were challenging, interesting, and very smart–and frankly, sometimes just plain genius (I’m looking at you, Mack). I leave you with some links to awesome stuff:

Thomas Edison’s papers

The giffractal cartoon

One of a few sources of very, very random numbers


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4 Responses

  1. Alice Ristroph says:

    Don’t go! I loved your posts. Come back soon, whether they invite you or not.

  2. Belle Lettre says:

    I agree with Alice! Your posts have been so very interesting and entertaining. Thank you for filling my RSS feed with joy.

  3. Miriam Cherry says:

    Thanks for your interesting posts… Nice shout out to Douglas Adams, there, too.

  4. AYY says:

    Sorry that you’re leaving. Enjoyed your posts.