IP in the News: Scrabulous and Garfield

I just wanted to highlight two excellent posts on IP from Prawfsblawg:

1) Bruce Boyden’s post on the Scrabulous lawsuit (the first of a promised trilogy) perceptively parses some complex copyright claims. If you’re interested in the suit, you can also check out Andrew Raff and Mike Madison. And there are some good pics of word games at issue here.

2) Dave Fagundes’ commentary on the surreal comic strip Garfield Minus Garfield [G-G] is also worth a read from copyright mavens. I’ve commented on the oddity of a “transformative use” prong of the fair use test that may create incentives for authors to over-re-work source material where “less is more.” Fagundes notes that “however brilliant G-G may be, it’s clearly infringement.” I wonder what he’d think of this tribute from the site Lasagna Cat:

Hat Tip: Chris Bodenner.

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