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Iowa Law Review, Volume 93, Issue 4 (June 2008)


Categorical Analysis in Antitrust Jurisprudence

Mark A. Lemley & Christopher R. Leslie

Fair Use and Copyright


Thomas F. Cotter

Congress’s Power to Block Enforcement of Federal Court Orders

Jennifer Mason McAward

Bankrupt Profits: The Credit Industry’s Business Model for Postbankruptcy Lending

Katherine Porter


Forced Financial Aid: Two Arguments as to Why Iowa’s Law Authorizing Courts to Order Divorced Parents to Pay Postsecondary-Education Subsidies Is Unconstitutional

Dan Huitink

Prejudice, Procedure, and a Proper Presumption: Restoring the Remmer Presumption of Prejudice in Order to Protect Criminal Defendants’ Sixth Amendment Rights

Eva Kerr

A Procedural Approach to “Unfair Methods of Competition”

Andy J. Miller

Are We Living in a Material World?: An Analysis of the Federal Circuit’s Materiality Standard Under the Patent Doctrine of Inequitable Conduct

Elizabeth Peters

Felony Murder, the Merger Limitation, and Legislative Intent in State v. Heemstra: Deciphering the Proper Role of the Iowa Supreme Court in Interpreting Iowa’s Felony-Murder Statute

Douglas Van Zanten

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