I’m Back and Thanks

MonteAlban2.JPGJust a quick note of thanks to my co-bloggers and our guests for some great posting over the past two weeks. I took my first proper vacation in the past three years and went to Oaxaca City and Huatulco in Mexico. Oaxaca City is wonderful. The city seemed to have endless secret restaurants, cafes, museums, and galleries. Exploring the world of moles and chocolates alone could be a week long trip. The surrounding sites, Monte Alban, Mitla, and Teotitlan Del Valle offer fantastic sites dating back more than a thousand years as well as examples of hand-woven rugs (the demonstration of the process including the fermentation of local plants to create the dyes was excellent). My friends and I then moved on to the coast. That was not as much of the idealized beach trip as desired. Nonetheless, the pristine beaches (some only accessible by sea) and the snorkeling was great. The trip to the nearby cloud forest where Pluma coffee is grown took us to a town that straddles a mountain ridge. The farmers were meeting and invited us in for a bit. They were discussing upcoming harvest planes and had the full burlap bags at commodity trading size and weight ready to go in the back of the room. The leader also asked whether we wanted to buy some coffee. We said yes and then he told us to explore the town and return as they would roast it right then. The smell wafted through the nearby plaza as we waited. I am not a coffee person but the aroma alone made me reconsider that position.

I have put more pictures below the fold.


Monte Alban


View from Santo Domingo, Oaxaca City


Mitla Ruins


Mitla Church


Sunset in Huatulco


Sunrise in Huatulco

I may make more pictures available on a public site later. The camera was just a simple Canon Elph. Perhaps an SLR and some photography classes will be in my future. Any tips on that and/or best photo editor software are appreciated.

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  1. Belle Lettre says:

    Stunning photos! Looks like you had a good time. Put up more pictures! Good to have you back!

    Re your question: try GIMP, but you can probably afford Adobe Photoshop and fancier programs that I wouldn’t know about. You can host on PBase, like Larry Solum, whose site has surpassed 100K views!