Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96.6 (August 2008)


Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96.6 (August 2008)


The Judgment Power

William Baude

Should Courts Give Stare Decisis Effect to Statutory Interpretation Methodology?

Sydney Foster

Responders’ Responsibility: Liability and Immunity in Public Health Emergencies

Sharona Hoffman

Tabloid Constitutionalism: How a Bill Doesn’t Become a Law

Brian C. Kalt

The Property Puzzle

Amnon Lehavi


“The Provision of Material Support and Resources” and Lawsuits Against State Sponsors of Terrorism

Michael T. Kotlarczyk

Taking the Temple: Eminent Domain and the Limits of RLUIPA

Daniel N. Lerman

Gods & Gays: Analyzing the Same-Sex Marriage Debate from a Religious Perspective

Ben Schuman

Expanding Expanded Access: How the Food and Drug Administration Can Achieve Better Access to Experimental Drugs for Seriously Ill Patients

Judy Vale

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