400 Horsemen vs. the Barackolypse (or McCainia)

FDRSC.jpgSome on the right apparently have been debating whether the Democratic nominee merely “prepped the world for the Antichrist,” or is the Antichrist himself. Luckily, the Wall Street Journal got Left Behind author Tim Lahaye to settle matters:

“The antichrist isn’t going to be an American, so it can’t possibly be Obama. The Bible makes it clear he will be from an obscure place, like Romania,” the 82-year-old author said.

I guess we finally know the rationale for that “natural born citizen” clause in the Constitution.

In other news, Cass Sunstein suggests that the judiciary should be a steady redoubt for the far right well into the future:

[P]artisan voting is a serious problem in the federal judiciary. If the EPA issues a regulation that is aggressive in cleaning the air, or if the National Labor Relations Board resolves a dispute in favor of a union, a panel that consists solely of Republican appointees is unusually inclined to strike it down. . . .

[F]ederal agencies in an Obama or McCain administration are likely to make a number of decisions that are more liberal than those of the Bush administration. Many decisions will ultimately be challenged in federal court — and the Republican-appointed judges who dominate the federal bench could well prove to be a big obstacle. . . . The voting behavior of [recent Republican] appointees has been clear: They show a distinctive tendency to strike down agency decisions that do not follow a conservative line.

In cyberlaw, I’m predicting the First Amendment will end up a major cudgel for the digital Lochnerism Julie Cohen first analyzed 10 years ago. In health law, we might see importation of the Chaouilli decision in Canada to vindicate some “fundamental right” to unconditionally private health care. Anyone want to nominate other areas of future judicial activism? Preemption?

Image Credit: UMKC Law School.

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