Making the Blogosphere More Welcoming for Women

Given Nate’s post today and my earlier one on Ben Barres’s work, I found this article on the BlogHer conference interesting. It observes a persistent gender imbalance in online life and suggests the conference may be helping to solve it:

Over and over, women talked about the importance of the community at BlogHer. Sarah Dopp, who works in the technology industry and keeps a blog at, said she had come for “a big hit of inspiration.” Since attending the conference two years ago, she said, “My writing is better, my blog is better, I’m more connected.”

Ann Bartow has done a lot to increase that sense of community within legal blogs; here’s a good listing of women law professors’ blogs that may be occluded by the ranking tools now standard in the blogosphere. I agree with Ann that these ranking tools have many biases, but as with so many other rankings we’re familiar with, it’s very difficult to opt out of playing the game they foist upon us.

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