LILO (with apologies to the Kinks)

Over on PrawfsBlawg they are talking about teachers who sing in class. I could never sing in class (I sang two lines of a song in the car the other day and my partner looked at me with a combination of horror and pity), but I will admit that I have been known to write a tax-related song or two. Unfortunately, the following song is funny only if you have a fairly good understanding of lease-in-lease-out transactions and you know the song Lola, and it’s probably not funny even then. That said…


(with apologies to the Kinks)

I heard about this thing from a guy I know

Where the cash goes around in a circular flow

He emailed me and outlined the plan

I asked for its name and he wrote right back, it’s called LILO

L-I-L-O LILO li-li-li-li LILO

I hadn’t yet seen at that particular time

Rev. Rul. 2002 dash 69

Oh my LILO li-li-li-li LILO

Well I’m not dumb but I didn’t know

Why it looked like a lease, but we’d have no control

Oh my LILO li-li-li-li LILO li-li-li-li LILO

Well I drank black coffee and read all night

Under electric candlelight

I picked the Code up, sat it on my knee

I thought, “This thing’s just too good to be!”

Well I’m not the world’s most rule-loving guy

But substance over form meant I couldn’t fall for that LILO

li-li-li-li LILO li-li-li-li LILO

LILO li-li-li-li LILO li-li-li-li LILO

I pushed it away

I walked to the door

I fell to the floor

I got down on my knees

Then I looked at it and it at me

Well that’s the way that I want it to stay

And I just wish it would go away, oh my LILO

A loan is a lease and a lease is a loan

It’s a mixed-up muddled-up shook-up Code thanks to LILO

li-li-li-li LILO

Well I’d left school just a week before

And I’d never even read a reg before

But LILO looked good, fit the Code to the letter

And I thought, this’ll make the client like me better!

Well I’m not the world’s most ethical man

But I know what I am and I’m know I’m no sham, unlike LILO

li-li-li-li LILO li-li-li-li LILO

LILO li-li-li-li LILO li-li-li-li LILO

(Concurring Opinions guys, I apologize! I apologize! Please don’t kick me off the blog!)

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5 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    I don’t know a single provision of the Code, but this is fantastic.

  2. Lease-in-lease-out? How’s that different from franchise-in-franchise-out?

  3. C Smith says:

    I’m reading this, bewildered, and wondering “What’s this got to do with the Linux Loader?”

    Had to go through the first paragraph again. Note to self: less skimming. 😉

  4. I’ll second C Smith except substituting last-in-last-out queues.

    By the way, this is the first time I’ve had to comment on one of your posts, but they’ve easily been some of the most entertaining reading I’ve had since you’ve been visiting.

  5. Jeff Lipshaw says:

    Sarah, you must have been inspired to use this tune because LILO is sort of “transvestment.”