Introducing Guest Blogger Lawrence Cunningham

Cunningham-Lawrence.jpgI’m very pleased to introduce Professor Lawrence Cunningham, my colleague from GW Law School. Larry joined the GW Law School faculty in 2007, having previously taught for 6 years at Boston College (where he served a 2-year term as Academic Dean) and for 8 years at Cardozo (where he served a 5-year term as Director of the Heyman Center on Corporate Governance). He also taught courses at many other schools in the US and abroad, including Central European University, Columbia University, Hebrew University, University of Navarra, and Vanderbilt University. Before entering academia, he practiced corporate law for 4 years at Cravath, Swaine & Moore. He earned his BA from University of Delaware and his JD magna cum laude from Cardozo.

Larry writes extensively in corporate and securities law, with a special emphasis on law and accounting and investor perspectives. He teaches courses in those fields as well as Contracts. He has published a dozen books and 35 law review articles. A complete list of his publications can be found here.

Some of his recent articles include:

* A Prescription to Retire the Rhetoric of “Principles-Based Systems” in Corporate Law, Securities Regulation, and Accounting, 60 VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW 1411 (2007)

* Too Big to Fail: Moral Hazard in Auditing and the Need to Restructure the Industry before it Unravels, 106 COLUMBIA LAW REVIEW 1698 (2006)

* Private Standards in Public Law: Copyright, Lawmaking and the Case of Accounting, 104 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 291 (2005)

* Choosing Gatekeepers: The Financial Statement Insurance Alternative to Auditor Liability, 52 UCLA LAW REVIEW 413 (2004)

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    Welcome, Larry!