Cornell Law Review, Volume 93 Number 5 (July 2008)


Cornell Law Review, Volume 93 Number 5 (July 2008)

Symposium: U.S. Food and Drug Regulation in its First Century and Beyond


The Little Agency that Could (Act with Indifference to Constitutional and Statutory Strictures)
Lars Noah

Dirty Dancing—The FDA Stumbles with the Chevron Two-Step: A Response to Professor Noah
Gary Lawson

Losing Deference in the FDA’s Second Century: Judicial Review, Politics, and a Diminished Legacy of Expertise
James T. O’Reilly

The FDA and Deference Lost: A Self-Inflicted Would or the Product of a Wounded Agency?  A Response to Professor O’Reilly
David C. Vladeck

FDA Regulatory Compliance Reconsidered
Carl Tobias

Great and Lesser Powers of Tort Reform: The Primary Jurisdiction Doctrine and State-Law Claims Concerning FDA-Approved Products
Catherine T. Struve

Drug Review “Behind the Curtain”: A Response to Professor Struve
James T. O’Reilly

Food, Drugs, and Droods: A Historical Consideration of Definitions and Categories in American Food and Drug Law
Lewis A. Grossman

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