Bleg: Medical Credit Scoring in Hospitals

Businessweek has been doing a very good job covering one of the most important–and underreported–stories in contemporary health care–“the transformation of medical bills into consumer debt.” It would not be surprising to me to find that many hospitals are taking the next logical step here into “consumer-directed health care” and scoring “customers” according to their ability to pay. Therefore I’m happy to post this request for more information on the topic from reporter Robert Berner:

I am doing research about the growing trend among hospitals of using medical credit scoring. Many hospitals are using scoring at the point of intake to gage self-pay patients and underinsured patients’ ability and willingness to pay their bills. I am exploring how scoring may be impacting care in emergency rooms, in hospital admissions, in doctor run clinics and specialty hospitals, etc. If you have insight on this topic or examples, I would like to talk to you. Please email me at or call me directly at 312-233-7944.

If you care about issues like this, please pass it on to doctors or administrators you know!

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