Announcing a New Permablogger: Mike O’Shea

As our regular readers may have noticed, we’ve been very deliberate about bringing new permabloggers on board Concurring Opinions. But we are now looking to expand our sidebar, as a part of a long term plan to out-grow the VC and take it over after a proxy fight. (Watch out Orin, your divergent views on the Fourth Amendment will be crushed by your new corporate overlords.)

Anyway … I’m delighted to announce the first fruits of our expansion: Mike O’Shea has agreed to join CoOp as a full-time blogger!

As you will recall, Mike has done some tremendous work for us this year on Heller, and last year, he wrote some good stuff on, among other topics, Twombly. We’re excited to add Mike’s expertise on federalism, civil procedure, and constitutional law into our little corner of the blogosphere.

Welcome Mike!

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3 Responses

  1. dave h. says:

    At the commentator’s request, I’ve deleted a comment to this post.

  2. Belle Lettre says:

    I enjoyed the Twombly post in particular. Keep blogging about the Commerce Clause! And looking at your bio page, I hope you also blog on your non-law interests. Welcome, Mike!

  3. just wondering says:

    Which commentator is that? You mean the one who politely inquired when Co-Op would welcome a female permablawger?

    David, let’s be real: you consistently delete comments from your posts that you do not want to see.

    That aside: welcome, again, Mike – best wishes.

    [Editor’s note: Of course I delete comments that are off topic, especially when they come from anonymous folks who won’t stand behind the shots they take! If you don’t like it, as Volokh says, the internet is a big place. And II don’t think that a welcome post is the place to criticize the blog.

    Here, though, I was referring to a comment by someone who wrote in and asked me to delete something they’d written. In terms of your question, we have invited female permabloggers. The fact we don’t have any doesn’t mean we didn’t invite them. On a few occasions, we gave offers to female bloggers, and we were turned down. We have also discussed the possibility with other female professors of being a permablogger, and they indicated that they weren’t interested in a permanent blogging arrangement. -d.h.]