On the Colloquy: Antitrust, Mendelsohn, and More


This week, the Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy published an Essay by Professor William H. Page and Mr. Seldon J. Childers that discusses the Microsoft-Samba agreement. This Essay is part of an ongoing colloquy started by Professor David S. Evans in an Essay discussing issues that the internet poses for antitrust law.

The Colloquy has also recently started a dialogue on the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in Sprint/United Management Co. v. Mendelsohn. Professor Mitchell H. Rubinstein began this discussion in his Essay, and we look forward to continuing it this summer. Additionally, we continued our colloquy on climate change legislation with a piece by Professor Hari M. Osofsky.

Due to our emphasis on timely pieces, we have also recently published an Essay by Professor Richard L. Hasen debating the constitutionality of Congressional measures to reform presidential primaries. We also published a piece by Professor Amy J. Wildermuth arguing for an amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in light of Bell Atlantic Court v. Twombly right before the May 1st deadline for the Supreme Court to announce Rules revisions. Professor Holning Lau also wrote an Essay analyzing the effect of globalization on human rights protections, with a focus upon homosexual rights, which includes commentary on the recent California decision to allow same-sex marriage.

Finally, the Colloquy also published interesting Essays by Professor Brian G. Slocum (hyperlink: ) analyzing contractionist statutory interpretations and Mr. Aaron R. Petty arguing that the unavailability requirement of the Sixth Amendment should be lowered in situations where there is forfeiture by wrongdoing.

For more, go to the Colloquy archives page, and remember to check back each week for new content.

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