Law Profs on Colbert

Mike Madison points out that Jonathan Zittrain was on Colbert last night. But so was Neal Katyal. Is this the making of an unofficial showdown? Will academic stature be determined by who can roll with the Colbert? Who offers truthiness? Probably not on both counts.

Given my tech bent, I lean towards Zittrain. Nonetheless, I honestly think both did rather well and enjoyed seeing them navigate the oddity of a comedy interview. The clips are below. As always, draw your own conclusions. Enjoy.



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5 Responses

  1. Howard Wasserman says:

    So was Noah Feldman.

  2. Colbert’s interview with Neal Katyal was hardly the first with a law professor.

    My own interview with Colbert on Comedy Central occurred several years ago, and was, I think, much tougher than Katyal’s.

    You can be the judge:

  3. Colbert’s interview of Neal Katyal was hardly his first with a law professor.

    My own interview by Colbert,on Comedy Central, occurred several years ago. It was, I think, much tougher than Katyal’s.

    You be the judge:

  4. Steve Lubet says:

    I was interviewed by Stephen Colbert in 1999, when he was still a correspondent on The Daily Show. Alas, it was long before he was able to deliver the famous Colbert notoriety bump (and double alas, I do not have a clip).

    Anyhow, I may well have been the first law prof to be interviewed by Colbert, which just shows how far he has come in a relatively short time.

  5. Get Over Yourselves says:

    “No, he wasn’t first, I was first.”

    “No, no, I certainly preceded you.”

    “Irrelevant: the questions posed me were more thought provoking; I was more charismatic and answered more intelligently.”

    “… I’m taller.”

    “I’m more handsome.”

    Does it never end with you people (that being, law profs). Your endless need for public accolade is irritating; am so happy law school is behind me. Also, how predictable you’re both men …

    “She’s annoying.”

    “Yes, but I was the one who first thought she was annoying …”