Emory Law Journal 57:3 (2008)


Emory Law Journal, 57:3 (2008)


Adam Benforado & Jon Hanson, Naive Cynicism: Maintaining False Perceptions in Policy Debates, 57 EMORY L.J. 499 (2008).

Thomas R. Lee, Glenn L. Christensen & Eric D. DeRosia, Trademarks, Consumer Psychology, and the Sophisticated Consumer, 57 EMORY L.J. 575 (2008).


Juhi Kaveeshvar, Kicking the Rock & the Hard Place to the Curb: An Alternative and Integrated Approach to Suicidal Students in Higher Education, 57 EMORY L.J. 651 (2008).

Carlissa R. Carson, The Military Commissions Act of 2006: How its Inability to Curb Abusive Interrogations Threatens the Future Treatment of Detainees and the United States Reputation, 57 EMORY L.J. 695 (2008).

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