Duke Law Journal Vol. 57 Issue 4 (February 2008)


Volume 57 February 2008 Number 4


Institutions in the Marketplace of Ideas

Joseph Blocher

The Internationalization of Public Interest Law

Scott L. Cummings

Is Secured Debt Used to Redistribute Value from Tort Claimants in Bankruptcy? An Empirical Analysis

Yair Listokin


Regulating Corporations the American Way: Why Exhaustive Rules and Just Deserts Are the Mainstay of U.S. Corporate Governance

Jonas V. Anderson

Court-Ordered Restrictions on Trial Participant Speech

Jonathan Eric Pahl

The Continued Relevance of the Irrelevance-of-Motive Maxim

Michael T. Rosenberg

Freedom to Defraud: Stoneridge, Primary Liability, and the Need to Properly Define Section 10(b)

Travis S. Souza

Rendering Turner Toothless: The Supreme Court’s Decision in Beard v. Banks

Jennifer N. Wimsatt

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