Torture Memo Released and available

For those intereted in reading the torture memos they are now available. There are 81 pages. Part I is here and Part II is here.

Balkinization’s analysis of the timing and related issues is worth a read.The ACS blog on the topic has some analysis, papers on the topic, and a best practices document.

The ACLU deserves credit for pursuing this one and making sure that the document became available.

Here is a memo of note from recent past. It is from Hoover to President Bush (Sr.) (before he was President) regarding the aftermath of President Kennedy’s assination. After the jump is the first page of the so-called McCollum Memo regarding U.S. views of WWII in 1940, how to aid Britain, and specific thoughts regarding Japan’s rise in power. In short, it is good to have this information in the open.


Source: Wikicommons; License: Public Domain


Source: WikiCommons

License: Public Domain

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