The Candidates on Disability

Having criticized the mainstream media for failing to discuss substantive policy issues in the presidential election, I should commend coverage that actually explores what the candidates will do. Michael Berube’s analysis of the disability policies of Obama/Clinton/McCain appears here (and here). Of particular interest to lawyers may be this part from the section on Obama:

[Barack Obama’s plan] pledges support for Tom Harkin’s ADA Restoration Act, which would “overturn the Supreme Court decisions [such as University of Alabama v. Garrett or Sutton v. United Air] that limit the ADA’s coverage and effectiveness.”

And for those in education, this comment by Berube is interesting:

In recent years I’ve had many fine students at Penn State – twenty-year-olds with dyslexia, or Asperger’s Syndrome, or arthritis, or mild cerebral palsy – request “reasonable accommodation” from me on final exams. And I’ve been amazed and appalled at how many of my colleagues (here or elsewhere) seem to believe that they’re under no obligation to provide reasonable accommodation for everyone. (Guess what? If you teach in the United States, you have that obligation! It’s a real federal law!)

The whole post is highly recommended.

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