Notre Dame Law Review, Volume 83, Issue 2 (January 2008)


Notre Dame Law Review, Volume 83, Issue 2 (January 2008)


A Truism WIth Attitudes: The Tenth Amendment in Constitutional Context

Gary Lawson, 83 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 469

Arbitrating Human Rights

Roger P. Alford, 83 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 505

Misguided Fairness? Regulating Arbitration by Statute: Empirical Evidence of Declining Award Finality

Michael H. LeRoy, 83 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 551

Debt and Democracy: Towards a Constitutional Theory of Bankruptcy

Jonathan C. Lipson, 83 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 605

Performance Values

Sara K. Stadler, 83 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 697


Locating Authority in Law, and Avoiding the Authoritarianism of “Textualism”

Patrick McKinley Brennan, 83 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 761


A Textual Approach to Harmonizing Sherbert and Smith on Free Exercise

Nicholas J. Nelson, 83 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 801

Your Opinion Really Does Not Matter: How the Use Referenda in Funding Public University Student Groups Violates Constitutional Free Speech Principles

Gregory B. Sanford, 83 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 845

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1 Response

  1. John C says:

    I am really coming to dislike law journals who do not provide free links to their articles. Some of these articles look interesting, but since I’m not a Notre Dame law student or faculty member, I can’t access them. So they’ve lost a reader.

    It doesn’t make sense from any perspective; it certainly doesn’t help ND more widely circulate their articles, and chances are some or all of these articles have or will become available on free resources (SSRN, Bepress, etc.). All they’ve done is make it harder for people to find them and read them. They need to get with the times. Ain’t no one buying a subscription to the ND Law Review. Make your articles free and accessible to everyone.