Law Professor Blog Rankings

Since the US News rankings are so last week, Paul Caron has satiated our ranking hunger by updating his law professor blog rankings based on visitor traffic. Top 10 include: (1) Instapundit; (2) Hugh Hewitt; (3) Volokh Conspiracy; (4) Althouse; (5) Leiter Reports: Philosophy; (6) Patently-O; (7) TaxProf Blog; (8) Balkinization; (9) Concurring Opinions; (10) Sentencing Law and Policy.

We are very proud to say that we have retained our ranking of 9th from the previous rankings. We have done this by increasing the volumes to our library, ensuring that our readers have an average LSAT of 168, and ensuring that 100% of our guest bloggers remain employed after completing their guest visits. But the competition is fierce, so we depend upon your generous support. Visit us frequently. Tell your friends about us. And, of course, big financial donations will be warmly accepted. For a donation of $100K or more, Frank Pasquale will be the [Your Name] Distinguished Permablogger of Law. And for a donation of $200K or more, he’ll blog about how the US health care system is working just fine.

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  1. Childress says:

    How much to get Frank not to plant so much this season?

    For his own good and for market reasons.