Introducing Guest Blogger David Fontana

fontana-david.jpgI’m delighted to announce that Professor David Fontana will be joining us as a guest blogger for the next month. David is my colleague at the George Washington University Law School, where he is finishing his second year on our faculty. He writes about constitutional law and comparative constitutional law. His latest essay–on the failures of the American Supreme Court since September 11 and how that compares to the performance of the highest courts of other countries–was just published in Dissent (online version not yet available).

David graduated from Yale Law School and clerked for Judge Dorothy W. Nelson on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He currently is completing a doctoral degree in socio-legal studies at Oxford University.

David teaches constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, and criminal law.

David’s publications include:

* The Current Generation of Constitutional Law, 93 Georgetown Law Journal 1061 (2005)

* Thomas Jefferson Counts Himself Into the Presidency, 90 Virginia Law Review 551 (2004) (with Bruce Ackerman)

* Refined Comparativism in Constitutional Law, 49 UCLA Law Review 539 (2001)

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