Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:3 (May 2008)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:3 (May 2008)

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Prediction Markets and the First Amendment

Miriam A. Cherry and Robert L. Rogers

Classified Information Leaks and Free Speech

Heidi Kitrosser

Victorian Tort Liability for Workplace Injuries

Michael Ashley Stein

The Accidental Promise: Remaking the Law of Misrepresented Intent

Aditi Bagchi


Protecting Privacy in a Shared Castle: The Implications of Georgia v. Randolph for the Third-Party Consent Doctrine

Monique N. Bhargava

The Firearm Owners’ Protection Act and the Restoration of Felons’ Rights to Possess Firearms: Congressional Intent Versus Notice

Daniel Brenner

Supreme Court Upholds a Mandate of Death when the Jury is in Equipoise: Challenged Under the Apprendi Interpretation of the Sixth Amendment

Benjamin T. Kurtz

Breaking Asbestos Litigation’s Chokehold on the American Judiciary

Christopher J. O’Malley

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