Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96.4 (April 2008)


Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96.4 (April 2008)


The Continuum of Deference: Supreme Court Treatment of Agency Statutory Interpretations from Chevron to Hamdan

William N. Eskridge & Lauren E. Baer

The Hanging Chads of Corporate Voting

Marcel Kahan & Edward Rock

Writing, Cognition, and the Nature of the Judicial Function

Chad M. Oldfather


When Clarity Means Ambiguity: An Examination of Statutory Interpretation at the Environmental Protection Agency

Susannah Landes Foster

Hearsay at Guantanamo: A “Fundamental Value Determination”

Martin A. Hewett

The dataset for Eskridge & Baer’s The Continuum of Deference is available here.

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