Crimtorts at Widener Law

Chris Robinette passes along this nice website, highlighting Widener Law School’s recent Crimtorts symposium. With guests including Thomas H. Koenig (Northeastern-Anthropology), Michael L. Rustad (Suffolk), Kenneth W. Simons (Boston), Martha Chamallas (Ohio State), Jeffrey O’Connell (Virginia), Byron G. Stier (Southwestern), Frank J. Vandall (Emory), Mark Geistfeld (NYU), Keith N. Hylton (Boston), Anthony J. Sebok (Cardozo), and Catherine M. Sharkey (NYU), it looks like they put together a great event. If you are interested in this area of merging law, and missed it, check out the videos here.

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  1. Chris says:

    Fans of analogies between punitive damages and criminal law may be interested in my articles here and here on the food-chain issue (how high must misbehavior go before a corporation may be punished?) in the two fields.