Boston College Law Review, Issue 49:3 (2008)


Boston College Law Review, Issue 49:3 (May 2008)


Steven A. Dean, The Incomplete Global Market for Tax Information, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 605 (2008) [PDF]

Jonathan Remy Nash, Economic Efficiency Versus Public Choice: The Case of Property Rights in Road Traffic Management, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 673 (2008) [PDF]

Katherine J. Strandburg, Freedom of Association in a Networked World: First Amendment Regulation of Relational Surveillance, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 741 (2008) [PDF]


Jonathan K. Geldert, Presidential Advisors and Their Most Unpresidential Activities: Why Executive Privilege Cannot Shield White House Information in the U.S. Attorney Firings Controversy, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 823 (2008) [PDF]

John A. Kupiec, Returning to Principles of “Fairness and Justice”: The Role of Investment-Backed Expectations in Total Regulatory Taking Claims, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 865 (2008) [PDF]

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