The AutoAdmit Saga: Ciolli Strikes Back

book16a.jpgThere’s been a new development in the AutoAdmit saga, which has been discussed a lot on this blog. Anthony Ciolli is now firing back, suing the two Yale Law School students who originally sued him, their attorneys (including Professor Mark Lemley), and ReputationDefender.

A while ago, Ciolli was dropped from the lawsuit .

He is now suing for wrongful initiation of civil proceedings, abuse of process, libel, slander, false light, tortious interference with contract, and appropriation of name or likeness.

The complaint is here.

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1 Response

  1. Dan,

    All very interesting. The conjunction of this case with Wikileaks in the last week got me thinking about the nature of truth in cyberspace. AutoAdmit and Wikileaks offer that anonymous communities offer a “frank truth” which is superior to any statements filtered through conventional, accountable speech.

    Ciolli here is appealing to a higher truth– sworn truth, through a court filing. So I found it interesting that cyberspace still hasn’t developed a system for enabling sworn truth. I call this the Notary Internet.